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My Story…

I guess you could say it started when my mom would make her Christmas cookies. I was a young kid and thought they were magical! 

Although they’re just a basic sugar cookie recipe, she made this creamy lemon frosting that made them sing in your mouth. I looked forward to them every Christmas. When I was older, she showed me how to make her cookies. It wasn’t easy learning to roll and cut out dough. Ok, so the Christmas tree shape looked kinda funky, but, who cared… it would be a BIG cookie. 


This was the beginning of my love for baking. It was a skill my mom taught me and though she’s been gone since 2010, I find love and joy in the warmth of my kitchen. The smell of the buttery dough baking is a comforting hug of love. “Smells pretty good, don’tcha think?” I would say out loud as if my mom would hear and wink with approval. Baking lets me visit with my mom. Nowadays, I bake more than her sugar cookies. I craft different treats and make them special.

I created More Than Flour to honor my mom, and share the joy that making something with your hands can bring. For more than 10 years, we've been baking with homeless families. More Than Flour supports non-profits and organizations that help make a positive difference in the world.

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